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We are a professional team that has been involved

in algorithmic trading for over 10 years

in various stock markets



Exchanges’ liquidity

Exchanges Expert evaluation
of exchange trading systems

Tokens Increasing the liquidity

  • Analysis of currently traded contracts

  • Elaboration of a plan for liquidity enhancement

  • Increasing the liquidity

  • Analysis of client’s activity

  • Development of success criteria for MM

Software products for trading and market making

  • Beta testing 

  • Analysis of performance, speed, threshold load

  • API QA

  • MM tokens after the listing

  • MM of already traded tokens

  • Current liquidity analysis

  • Development of the roadmap for liquidity enhancement

  • Protection against quote manipulation

Risk monitoring system

Consulting brokers and traders, Development of business logic
of trading algorithms

  • Software to perform MM functions

  • Software for inter-exchange arbitration

  • Portfolio risk monitoring software

  • Software for the analysis of the exchange activity 

  • Development of connectors to different trading platforms and exchanges 

  • Free balance monitoring

  • System of alerts

  • Analysis of total portfolio risks in arbitrage transactions

  • The selection of optimal parameters for the trading algorithms

  • The calculation of requirements to the size of the portfolio for performing MM and arbitration

  • Preparation of recommended parameters for market making

  • Proposals for the launch of the new kinds of/types of trading contracts


Our team  has more than 15 years of successful trading systems development, arbitrage trading and market-making on the equity, currency and derivatives exchanges. Our core team has been put together in 2004. Since Autumn, 2017 we have begun to implement our arbitrage and market-making strategies on crypto exchanges.


Our developers and market experts have created a wide array of trading

and risk-management systems:

  Arbitrage trading platform

  Market-making platform for futures, spot and currency markets

  Market-making platform for options markets

  Option Portfolio Analyzer

  Risk-Management Terminal


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